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Earring ER1  

This is the Aztec.

Availible in gold. $68

Silver $60.

Style BR1

Earring ER2   Black onyx, also availible in amythest. $72

Style BR2
Earring ER3   Simple braid, this bracelet catches the light
and looks very elegant. $38

Silver $32

Style BR3
Earring ER4   This is an open braid featuring twisted wire with laser cut beads. This bracelet has a lot of sparkle. $98

Also availible In silver $90

Style BR4
bracelet BR5   Very elegant tailored appearance enhanced with multiple round gold beads. $125

Also availible In silver $110

Style BR5
BR6 bracelet   Pictured In gold. $24


Style BR6
BR7 Bracelet   Plain gold, goes well with other bracelets. $24


Style BR7
BR8 Bracelet   Twisted wire, looks like rope. In gold $24

Silver $22

Style BR8
BR9 Bracelet   Open weave bracelet featuring twisted wire with plain wire. Pictured In gold. $78

Silver $70

Style BR9
BR10 Bracelet   This bracelet features colored facet cut swarovski crystals.

Gold $54

Style BR10
Bracelet 11   Square facet cut multicolored swarovski crystals are
the freature of this colorful tailored bracelet.

Gold $95
Silver $88

Style BR11
bracelet12   A bracelet featuring sparkly laser cut beads.
It's a combo bracelet of gold and silver.


Style BR12
bracelet13   This is an intricate braid dating back to celtic times.
It can either be worn with the clasp to the back
of the wrist, or the clasp on top of the wrist.
This bracelet measures 1/2 inch across.


Style BR13
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